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I'm Micheala Beth George, but most people just call me Mickey. I am 21 years young, and reading is one of my favorite escapes from reality. I love reading anything with some sort of romance in it. "I know you aren't perfect. But it's a person's imperfections that make them perfect for someone else." -Lola and the Boy Next Door

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When It Happens - Susane Colasanti This book was great. <3<br/>I loved how you get both Sara and Tobey's perspectives (although it could get confusing at times).
I was reading this book because it was recommended for people who liked Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles and I was not disappointed! It's a great read and an amazing romance.
Susane Colasanti does a incredible job describing high school (and high school life) perfectly.
If you haven't read it yet.. Go get When It Happens NOW! :P